Date and number format in Money

The date and number formats which are displayed within the Microsoft Money product are taken from your computer's regional settings. If you are, for example, seeing dates in a US format (mm/dd/yyyy) and want to see them in a UK format (dd/mm/yyyy), then you'll need to change them outside of Microsoft Money, in the Windows Control Panel Regional Settings.

Microsoft Money does not maintain the format independently.

To change in Microsoft Windows, click on Start->Control Panel->Regional and Language Options. On the first tab, click on 'Customize'.

If you change the settings when Microsoft Money is running, you'll see a message indicating that you need to restart the product. Microsoft Money will close when you press the 'OK' prompt, but you'll need to restart it manually. This message says:

Money needs to close in order to switch to the new Regional Setting. Your work will be saved. When you restart Money, the Regional Setting you specified will be in effect.

Microsoft Money files will all use the same date and number formats - it is not possible to have files with different formats unless you use two login accounts.

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