Nationwide integration with Microsoft Money

Nationwide are withdrawing integration into Microsoft Money with effect from 22 October 2009.

After this date, you will no longer have the ability to automatically download statements into Money.

Nationwide have stated that you can continue to download information from them, but this is only in CSV format. CSV format files cannot be directly imported into Microsoft Money - you will need to convert them into OFX first (see Article 27).

The company will no longer support any money management product, and if you're currently using Microsoft Money, you'll no longer get any support from them on the service.

On a personal note, I'm disappointed but not surprised. However, not providing OFX files is poor, as a CSV file is useless to former Money users without jumping through hoops. In the same timeframe, I have some savings maturing with them, so sounds like a great opportunity for me to jump ship to a bank which does provide OFX

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