Money Discontinuation FAQs from Intuit

Intuit have come up with some FAQs for those who are thinking of converting over to Quicken:

Can I transfer my years of Money data into Quicken?
You can currently transfer 10,000 transactions from Microsoft Money to Quicken (see how to do it). We're working quickly on a solution to allow you to transfer all of your transactions from Money to Quicken.

When will this special converter for Money files be available so I can get all of my data into Quicken?
We're working toward a solution with Microsoft and anticipate we'll have one in the next couple of months.

I use MS Money bill pay. Can I also pay my bills through Quicken?
Using Quicken Bill Pay, you can pay your bills through Quicken desktop products. Some financial institutions provide access through Quicken to their bill pay services. Check with your financial institution to see if they support bill pay through Quicken. There is no bill pay solution offered through the free Quicken Online.

How do I know Quicken won't discontinue its desktop software?
Quicken is committed to its desktop customers. We've been in the personal finance business for more than 25 years and serve about 12 million households. Our desktop customers are happy and we're going to continue to be there for them, while exploring the fast-growing online personal finance space.

Note: this FAQ is for US users. The question about discontinuation doesn't apply to UK users, as they discontinued their product in 2006 (Intuit Quicken discontinuation in the United Kingdom).

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