Future of this website

Even though Microsoft have announced the end of the Microsoft Money product (Article 632), I intend on continuing this website. The end of Microsoft Money being sold does not mean the end of the software being used.

However, some aspects will be changed:
  1. As you can expect, direct links to purchase Microsoft Money will be removed after the end of June 2009
  2. The dynamic KB article pages will be removed
  3. Information on migration to Quicken and other packages will be improved. I would welcome any case studies or experiences on this.
  4. Support through the pages will continue as now
  5. The pages may be changed a little to reflect a more 'static' nature, so some links may change
I do not expect that things will change that much, although do expect to lose my Microsoft MVP status at the end of September 2009 which will remove my direct access into Microsoft. This shouldn't affect my ability to support you.

Personally, I will continue to use Microsoft Money. My copy expires in October 2009, so I will make a decision on what next to do in the coming months. My gut instinct is to stick with Money Plus at present, and see the impact when it expires. I may possibly downgrade at that time to an earlier version.

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