Upgrades and Migration from Microsoft Money

I have Money Plus Home and Business. What business features will change?
The same online services expire for all versions of Money Plus, including Home and Business.

I am Money 2007 user. Should I upgrade to Money Plus before sales end?
If you are still using Money 2007, it is not recommended that you upgrade to Money Plus at this time.

I am a Money 2006 or earlier user. What should I do?
If you are still using Money 2006, it is not recommended that you upgrade to Money Plus at this time.

What alternatives do I have if I want to stop using Money Plus immediately?
A number of online personal finance management and planning tools are available, many for free, on the Web. Other software solutions may be for sale from companies other than Microsoft. For general account information and transactions, your bank Web site may provide the best solution.

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How do I export my data?
Account transactions from banking and investing accounts (not to include loans) can be exported using QIF Export (see Money Help for more information). Another method used is to create 3 custom transaction reports covering all dates: One for Loans, one for Investments, and one for regular accounts. For each report, export to Excel or to XML. Not all of your data outside of core account information may be able to be exported, however -- for instance, the bill list, favorite reports, household inventory, budgets and cashflow forecasts will not export.

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