Circumstances of a Money update

After logging into Money, you may see an update occur of your program and/or file. This will be shown by the converting your file message or request to download updates.

There are three circumstances that this would occur:
  1. A new service pack has been delivered
  2. You have Money 2005 and a file conversion is necessary
  3. You've opened an old file
The only version of Money where an update would require a conversion of a data file is Money 2005.

If you see this without using Money 2005 and there is no indication that a service pack has been applied (they are very few and far between), it most likely means that you've opened an older file or restored a file/backup created with an older version of Money.

If you start Money using a shortcut, see if that shortcut is actually pointing to a specific file or it is only launching msmoney.exe

Thanks to Mark in the newsgroup for most of this response he made

Category: FileManagement

Keywords: Service Pack, Update, Conversion