Running Microsoft Money on Windows 7

Microsoft Money should run on Windows 7, even though all versions from Money Plus and earlier were released before any public preview of Windows 7 became available.

Microsoft Money 2005 and later versions with patches may be slightly more complex than other versions due to the patches that are required to fix bugs released with the product. However, these problems can be overcome if the program is installed in similar ways as to when installing them on Windows Vista.

For all versions of Money, you can double-click on the setup program which will start the installation. You will get a user account control message, confirming you want to run a program from an unknown provider, which you can press 'Yes' to confirm.

Microsoft Money starting to install on Windows 7

The Money setup program will start as shown above. It will install the program as usual. Once installed you can run Money from the program menu as in Vista.

You may experience some problems with running it. If you do, you should set the compatibility options by right clicking the shortcut to the program and selecting 'Properties', 'Compatibility', and set the program to run in compatibility mode for 'Windows XP Service Pack 2'.

If you've used Money before and want to use the same money file, then you will need to ensure that your .MNY file is put in your Documents library. It can be opened by selecting it from the File menu in Money, or double-clicking it to start it.

Money 2005

If you are installing Money 2005, then you will need to take a couple of extra steps to run the program. You may find that your existing file doesn’t open. If this is the case, start Money but create a new file (using the File menu).

An update is available for your Money software. To install this update you must be logged on as a member of the Administrators group

If you see the message above, then you will need to close Money and restart it. If your account is an administrator account already, you don't actually need to log off, all you need to do is to run the Money program as an administrator. This is seen below.

Run Money as an Administrator

If you've run the program as an Administrator, then you'll see a different message to that shown above.

An update is available for your Money software. Do you want to install the update now?

You should press 'Yes' to download the update. Once installed, it is recommended that you restart the machine and then run Money. Money will have the updated version number when you click on Help->About (in the case of Money 2005, it’ll end with 1105).

Update: August 2011

The update is no longer available for automatic download. You must install it manually. See this article for more information.

Versions of Money

All versions should work, although only Money Plus has been stated by Microsoft that it should work. I am personally using Money Plus on a Windows 7 x64 platform, which is working.

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