Microsoft Money 2003 US Deluxe and Business

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List Price: $84.95
ASIN: B000069IL3
Release Date:2002-08-01

O/S Platforms

  • Windows NT
  • Windows 98
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 95
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Manufacturer's Description

  • Manage customers and vendors.
    Import and export your contacts into Outlook or Outlook Express, and maintain detailed information on each company in Money Deluxe & Business.
  • Track and manage inventory.
    Monitor your product count and record sales in the Deluxe & Business invoices to automatically update your inventory. Generate business reports that account for your beginning and ending inventories to see sales patterns and to anticipate periods of heavy and slow sales.
  • Manage payroll with Payroll for Money Powered by PayCycle.

    Every payday can be error-free when you use the simple step-by-step instructions in Payroll for Money Powered by PayCycle. You get instant, guaranteed accurate calculations. Reminders and to-do lists make sure you never miss a tax deadline. Payroll for Money fills out your federal tax forms, so all you do is sign and mail. (Fee applies.)
  • Automatically categorize taxes for Schedule C.
    Automatically track taxable expenses, link categories to your Schedule C reports, find hidden deductions, and export your data to tax software.
  • Create, design and customize invoices.Invoice Designer lets you import and export your custom designs. Plus you can review NEW Invoice Design Ideas from the Web.
  • Track your business cash flow.
    Monitor your spending and plan for short-term business purchases with the Business Cash Flow Review.
  • All the features in Microsoft Money Deluxe

Feature List

  • Save time managing your finances -- balancing your checkbook, writing a budget, reducing your debt, and watching investments can all be done more easily online
  • Keep track of your spending habits and analyze them by comparing your spending habits to different periods
  • Use the Lifetime Planner to predict & prepare for your financial future
  • Bank and pay bills online and keep your financial information up-to-date
  • Estimate upcoming bills and generate more accurate cash flow reports

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