Which financial institutions and banks can I use with Microsoft Money

A lot of banks, financial institutions, credit unions and building societies can be used with the Microsoft Money product.

For UK users, a list is available at the UK MSN Money site. The list is updated infrequently, but given the lack of competition in the UK banking sector compared to the US, if your bank isn't listed, then even an infrequent update could be very accurate. The list of financial institutions can be found at this webpage.

Some banks provide both QIF and OFX statements - if you have this choice, then always go for the OFX option (see Article 235 for a comparison between OFX and QIF). Note that the only bank to provide integrated background banking in the UK is the Nationwide.

In the US, an online page is maintained at http://www.microsoft.com/money/bankonline.aspx. This list includes banks which you will need to use a .NET Passport to access, as they are provided by a third parties such as Yodlee and CashEdge, which act as account aggregators. Canadian banks are also listed on this page, some of them are prefixed by the word 'Canada', and hence are listed under the subsection 'C'.

See also Article 350 - why are there so few UK banks online?

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