Microsoft Money 2004 US Standard

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List Price:$29.99
SKU:105-00460 (CD)
105-00466 (DVD)
Release Date:2003

O/S Platforms

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 98
  • Windows Me
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Manufacturer's Description

Microsoft Money 2004 Standard provides a quick and easy way to organize and manage your personal finances. Balance your checkbook, create a budget, and reduce debt, simply and easily.

NEW! Dynamic Home Page provides quick access to the information you want, including an overall picture of your finances and top stories and breaking financial news from the award-winning MSN Money Web site.

IMPROVED! Easy to set up and use. Whether you're upgrading from a previous version, converting from Quicken or using Money for the first time, you'll find it easy to use. The Converter Wizard for Quicken in the U.S. version of Microsoft Money 2004 will convert files from Quicken U.S. versions 4 through 10, Quicken 2002, and Quicken 2003.

Feature List

  • The simple and powerful set of tools makes personal finance easy -- step-by-step tools help you balance your checkbook, and track your budget
  • Save time organizing and managing your finances -- download checking, credit card and other transactions from your bank automatically
  • Consolidate your financial information from multiple institutions, for a better look at your overall financial health
  • Create a budget and track your spending with monthly reports to better understand your spending habits

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