Microsoft Money 2010 Timeline

This is a placeholder page to track the status and development of Microsoft Money 2010

Information on the last ever version of Money - Microsoft Money Plus, can be found at Article 405. Product information can be referenced through the product viewer.
  • Microsoft Money has been discontinued. See Article 632 for more information. There will no longer be any version of Microsoft Money made. It is the end of the product. You can still buy Money until 30 June 2009, and it will remain fully functional until 31 January 2011.
    June 10 2009

  • No news yet to report.
    March 31 2009

  • Money 2010 Timeline page created.
    January 1 2009
If you wish to apply to become a Microsoft Beta tester for Microsoft Money, or other Microsoft Beta products, then please see Article 225.

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