MSN Money Update - 23 October 2008

The MSN Money update which was released to the web on 23 October 2008 impacted Microsoft Money 2007.

Due to a change in the Windows Live ID service, sharing Money files with Live Ids is now no longer possible.

On the MSN Support Page, the following message was posted:

Due to an update to Windows Live ID (Passport), Sharing a Money file with multiple Live Ids will be disabled. We recommend that you follow the Stop Sharing help topic in Money to disable any secondary IDs allowed to sign into your Money files. To continue sharing your Money file with more than one user, you can create a new WLID that all users know and then associate your Money file to that "shared" WLID. You can change the WLID for a file by going to File - Password Manager.

Comment: I've not seen much in the way of people complaining or commenting about this change. It would imply that perhaps this was a feature that few people used.

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