Microsoft Money User Support and Newsgroups (Communities)

There are some peer-to-peer newsgroups available for Microsoft Money. You can get to them using a news reader, such as Outlook Express. This is where I tend to answer questions on Microsoft Money products. Make sure you give the version you are using in your posting - it is amazing how many people do not. If you are posting, give as many details as possible - this includes exact error messages. Don't forget to look on this site for help too.

Community Newsgroup links

Using a web based newsreader

Please use the newsgroups for asking questions as it is useful for everyone to have the benefit of any answers. MVPs Article 7 don't know all of the answers, and posts to newsgroups often are picked up by someone who can give you the answer. There are some very knowledgeable people on the groups! Microsoft don't actually "run" them, and may not be always reading, but occasionally you do see postings from someone from the Microsoft Money Team (see Russ' Responses) or other areas of Microsoft.

See also the Support Page

Microsoft do also have some "rules of conduct" for the newsgroup -

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