Upgrade paths for Money 2006 and 2007

Microsoft Money 2006 and Microsoft Money 2007 includes up to two (2) years of Internet-Based Services. This is measured from the activation of the product or until September 1 2008 for Money 2006 users or September 1 2009 for Money 2007 users.

Microsoft announced (Article 562) that there will not be a Microsoft Money 2009, so the upgrade path for both of these versions is now Microsoft Money Plus.

At the same time, Microsoft also announced the end of the boxed product, so to upgrade one of these versions you must look for download copies.

If you currently use any version of Money (Deluxe, Premium or the Business edition), you can not upgrade to Money Essentials.

The boxed version will be available for a limited time from some retailers such as Amazon. To browse the boxed versions, please visit this link.

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