Money Is Unable to Verify Your Online Sign In Name

When you try to sign in to Passport/Windows Live, you may receive an error message saying "Money is unable to verify your Online sign in. Money will now try to log you in using Work Offline sign in. Some online features such as background banking will be unavailable, possibly because of network problems. To use these features, please close Money and try to sign in again later".

Although you may be online, there are a number of reasons why you might get this message.
  1. If the privacy settings in Internet Explorer (on which Money is based) are set too high - i.e. you have set it to High or Block All Cookies. To check and determine if this is the case, try changing the cookie settings to a lower setting (go to Control Panel->Internet Options->Click the privacy tab and click the 'Default' option if available).
  2. Check that you are connected to the internet by starting up Internet Explorer
  3. Check also that Microsoft Money thinks you're online (login offline into the product first) by looking at the picture menu bar (Article 206).
  4. If this does not help, please next see Article 60 where you will need to reregister some of the core DLL's for the MSMoney product, the result of which may solve this issue for you.
  5. Again, if you still have problems, try repairing the file (Article 22)
  6. Try a reinstallation of Money (Article 102 followed by an installation).
  7. Another option would be to try running up Microsoft Money in another user account
In any event, you may be able to access your Microsoft Money file by signing in offline, so it there is something outside your control, such as the Microsoft Passport system down, you can at least do some (but not necessarily all) work in the program.

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