CD versions of Money do not automatically update to Money Plus SP1

When an upgrade of Money Plus to Money Plus SP1 fails, some of these failures can be attributed to a version of a file on the Money installation CD. This file, when replaced on your installed version, may allow for the update to proceed.

Note that this solution should only be used to fix the specific issue of not being able to put Money SP1 on a machine. It does not fix any other issue.
  • Go into the MNYCoreFiles folder of the Money Plus installation folder (You may need to show 'system' files in order to see that folder)
  • Right click on zlib.dll and choose Properties (if it does NOT have a signature, then replace it with the zlib.dll included in the distribution below)
  • Save/download the file (located on this site here)
  • Uncompress the ZIP file - it will extract a file named zlib.dll
  • Copy this file and replace the zlib.dll within Money’s MNYCoreFiles folder (this is a hidden folder, located at 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money Plus')
  • Restart Money and see if the update will succeed.
Thanks to Money Support for this solution

Category: Errors

Keywords: SP1, Plus, Zlib.dll, Update