Money hangs when opening the home page or accessing reports

When you open your Money file, you may find that Money will hang or take a long time to display it. This may also manifest itself when going to the reports area of the program. Thirdly, you could see an error message obres:34 source 16.0.

This can be caused by problematic modules on the home page which require downloaded statements to be processed. The modules that can cause this are: Spending by Category, Spending Tracker and/or Investment Performance.

The simplest way to rectify this problem is to accept all unprocessed online transactions. This can be done with the following short procedure:
  1. Disable internet access
  2. Start Money and work offline
  3. Use the 'Accept All' option or manually confirm each transaction (the former is much quicker).
  4. Once done for one account, repeat for all of the others - You can check this is done if you view the account register and see whether there are unmatched transactions there. Note that closed accounts could have unmatched transactions
  5. Close Money and enable internet access
  6. Start Money, working online and check the problem has gone
Note that this procedure can take quite a while, especially if there are a lot of transactions to match, and will appear, at times, that nothing is happening. I would suggest leaving the computer for a few hours if it does so, or even overnight.

You can workaround this problem by removing the 3 modules specified above from the home page (see Article 309).

Category: Other

Keywords: Home Page, Investment Performance, Accept All, Report, Category, Hang, Spending Tracker, Module, Statement