Additional fix for repeated download problems with installing Money SP1

If you've installed Money Plus from a CD, and are experiencing a problem with the update for Money Plus (Article 547), and none of the suggested ideas work, then the method below may help you.

Note, it is only for CD installations and not download installations
  1. Uninstall Money Plus (you can do this by going to Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs). If you're running the trial version, then go to step 5 below.
  2. Download the trial version (see the trials page). As the trial versions are Deluxe and Home & Business, then you must have either of these. If you have Premium, I am not sure whether this will work.
  3. Install the program and open it - you should be prompted for the update which you should install.
  4. Once the update is complete, you should check you have the correct version - it'll end with 1415 when you check the version using Help->About Microsoft Money within the program
  5. Close Money and go the folder C:\Program Files. Right click on "Microsoft Money Plus" and select 'copy', then right click on your desktop and select 'paste'. This will make a copy of the installation for you, which will be used later
  6. You should now uninstall Money again, in the same way as step 1 above.
  7. Reboot the system and install the CD version of Money
  8. After installation, go back to C:\Program Files and delete the Microsoft Money Plus folder.
  9. The click and drag the folder you earlier put on your desktop ("Microsoft Money Plus") to the C:\Program Files folder, or copy and paste it.
  10. After copying it across, start Money and check the version number, which should be the 1415 version. Assuming it is, you can delete the copy of the installation on your desktop if it is still there
It would also be worth trying Article 555 before adopting this solution, as the file replacement mechanism described in that article may solve this problem without the lengthy steps above.This suggested fix came from Microsoft Product Support - thanks to them for providing it

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