Hang in Money Plus when starting the program

There is a problem with Money Plus which manifests itself when opening the program. It takes a long time and appears to have either hung the program or crashed. Eventually, the program does respond, but it can take a long time (sometimes as much as 10 minutes!).

The specific problem can be narrowed down to a faulty module on the home page. Specifically, the Spending Tracker module. This module looks like the image below.

Spending tracker module on Money Plus home page

The fix for the problem is to remove this module from the home page (see also Article 309). This can be done by pressing the 'Customize content or layout' link in the top right corner of the home page and then selecting the 'Spending Tracker' in the right hand side 'Change layout' area. Press the '< < Remove' option and finally press 'Done'.

Sometimes the 'Bills and Deposits' module causes the same symptoms, but first try the spending tracker.

This problem should be fixed in Money Plus SP1 (Article 546).

Category: Errors

Keywords: Module, Home Page, Spending Tracker, Hang