Money Plus Essentials for Canada

The Microsoft Canada website has been updated to include a version of Microsoft Money Plus - unfortunately it is only the essentials product.

This product is the 'online-only' version which has some limitations and is not nearly as fully featured as previous Canadian products (see Article 499 for the comparison of the Plus products).

The Essentials version appears to be the same as the US Essentials version, so it is possible that they are, in fact from the same software base. It is also possible that you could use the US trial via the trials download page on this website. The download is approximately 20MB in size.

Money Essentials is also for new Money customers only as it will not be able to open other Money product files or Quicken Files.

It is therefore of limited value to those who have been using previous versions of Canadian Microsoft Money (the most recent was Money 2006 Standard), as you will not be able to carry on with the same data.

If you want to obtain other versions of Money Plus, then see Article 535.

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