Searching for transactions without categories

It is possible to create transactions in Money without using the categories. You may do this because at the time you can't decide which category to use, or have downloaded transactions and categories have not been filled in.

Later on, you may wish to find those transactions without categories set - for example to allow you to more accurately analyze your data.

Finding the transactions like this can be accomplished using the Find/Replace option in Money.
  1. Click on Tools->Find/Replace (or press Ctrl-H).
  2. In the Find and Replace window, click 'advanced search'.
  3. On the next window, as seen below, press 'Clear All' on the right hand side, and then select
    • Include unassigned income transactions, and
    • Include unassigned expense transactions

    Find and Replace option in Microsoft Money to include unassigned income and expense transactions

  4. On the next screen, unassigned transactions can be seen
Once you have the list, you can change the individual transactions or click the 'Replace' option to change multiple transactions to include a category.

Category: Budget

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