Missing Invoice Designer Templates after upgrade

When upgrading from an older version of Money, any custom invoices you have should be automatically upgraded. You will continue to see them in the Invoice Designer.

Sometimes, this upgrade does not operate successfully, and you will need to manually convert them to the newer version of Money.

To do this, go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money Plus\MNYCoreFiles\WebCache (or the installation location of Money Plus), and double click on the UpdateTemplates.vbs file. Note that the 'MNYCoreFiles' folder is a hidden folder, so you may need to paste the folder name above into explorer to get to it quickly - navigating through your C:\ drive may not show it.

The program will provide instructions on what to do.

If you uninstall your previous version of Money and then install the new one, custom Invoice Designer templates will be lost - you must use the upgrade process to ensure they are kept. In addition, if you install Money Plus over itself, you may find that the custom invoices get lost. To preserve, find the '2008Invoice.ntd' file on your machine (use the search functionality), save it to a safe location and then copy it back to that location after the re-installation.

This article is only relevant to Home and Business versions, the above file will not be present on other versions.

Category: Business

Keywords: Template, Plus, Business, Invoice