What happens if I do not activate Money Plus

Money Plus gives you a 60 day grace period before you must activate (see Article 502). This grace period allows you to try the program out without restriction. This means you can enter transactions, run reports, download from online banks etc.

Although you will be prompted to activate every time you login to Money, you may choose not to activate. Should this happen, Money Plus will continue to operate.

Eventually, the product will expire and Money reminds you of this when starting the product

Money has not been activated. Until you activate Money, 
    you will be unable to use online services or enter new information in Money. Would you like to activate now?

and also you'll see the next message:

Your 60 day period to activate Money has passed

The operation of Money now is limited - the program allows you to view data, but not change or update anything.

Specific limitations are:
  • Adding, updating or deleting transactions cannot be done
  • Creation of new accounts is disabled
  • Online accounts cannot be enabled
One useful feature that is available though, is the ability to print documents. This allows you a mechanism to get data out.

If you subsequently activate Money Plus, full functionality is returned to you. After any period of "reduced" functionality, the Money file works as before, and is not damaged in any way.

There are probably only a few circumstances that you may run Money in reduced functionality mode - perhaps you lost the installation key and ignored the problem until this time. Or maybe you need to install your copy temporarily on someone else's machine without activating to demonstrate the program (although they could use a trial version), and it's left on. Perhaps you install/reinstall Windows regularly and so it doesn't make sense to activate.

I delayed activation of my Money Plus installation to get a copy of screen shots etc, but in most circumstances, not activating will be a rare event.

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