Digital River Extended Download Service

When purchasing Money Plus or Money 2007 using the online service, you are presented with an option to purchase an extended download service. This is priced around $6 and is indicated by a line item on your order. Note that it is enabled by default!

Option to purchase the extended download service from Digital River for Microsoft Money (plus)

When purchasing Money this way, Digital River allows you to download the product at any point during the next 60 days.

The purpose of this service is to allow you to download the program again after that 60 day period, up to a year after the original purchase. You can download as many times as you need (although the activation of the product only allows you to activate twice - Article 502).

If you purchase the service, to use it, you must:
  1. Use a browser connected to the Internet, go to find my order page.
  2. Enter your Order Number and Password to the "Order Number" and click "find"
  3. Click on Product Download button and download the Product.
Whether this is worth it, is a question based on individual user requirements. However, you do have some alternatives:
  • Immediately after downloading, burn the image to a CDROM or other removeable storage media
  • Use a free online storage provider (e.g. Windows Live Skydrive, Box.Net or DropBox) and upload the image
  • Alternatively purchase a CD version from Digital River
Whichever you choose, make sure you save the image securely.

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