Account setup is temporarily unavailable - Merging Accounts

If you see the error "Account setup is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later" in Microsoft Money, then it usually (but not always) is due to one of three causes:
  1. You're running Money 2005 without the 1105 patch (Article 269)
  2. There is a networking issue affecting your machine
  3. The MSN money servers are unavailable (see Article 254)
  4. You are seeing this when merging accounts
This article covers the last option, regarding merging accounts.

Basically, what the issue is, is that there is probably already an associated online account attached to the account you are trying to merge, and Money won't let you merge an account twice.

What you must do is create a new account in your Money file (Banking -> Add a new account), and then set that up to download using the wizard. The download will use the Yodlee aggregator.

Next you should merge it with the existing account (click on the 'merge duplicate accounts' option on the account list page). The existing account is the destination account, and the new account is the source account.

After merging an account you may find you have some duplicate transactions. These can be safely deleted.

More information about merging accounts can be found at Article 495.

Category: Accounts

Keywords: Duplicates, Yodlee, 889927, Merge, Unavailable