What's new in Microsoft (MS) Money Plus

Microsoft Money Plus (2008) adds a number of new or improved features, over previous versions. These include:
  • Insights, with alerts customized by you, keep you in the know about the information you need most, even when Money isn’t open! (Article 523)
  • Spending Insights - Alerts you when you've reached or are nearing your spending limits (Article 510)
  • Cash Flow Insights - See what's flowing in and out of your accounts (Article 505)
  • Bills Insights - Alerts you if bills are overdue or due soon (Article 511)
  • Link to statements, checks, or images from a transaction. Quickly add links to images and other files to keep important records and information handy, organized, and up-to-date (Article 504)
  • Updated Background Banking - Background banking helps ensure your account information is up-to-date.
  • Deluxe and above - Get the top 10 daily update from MSN Money StockScouter
  • Deluxe and above - See Morningstar ratings in the popular MSN Money ETF center
  • Deluxe and above - Rate favorite stocks and challenge Wall Street gurus yourself as CAPS tracks their stock picks on MSN Money
In addition to the features, the Premium sku offers a complimentary 'value' pack worth $450 and the Home and Business sku has one with financial services to the value of $900.

Details of these value packs can be found in Article 506.

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