SKU and Product Information for other versions of Microsoft Money

There are various versions of Microsoft money released each year. The Money Plus (2008) release is the current one for the USA and Japan.

In Canada, it is Money 2006. For other countries and regions, namely France, the United Kingdom and some English speaking nations, there is a version of Money 2005 (see also Article 220). The version for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa is called the 'International English' version.

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Sku information

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Below are the box labels and SKUs so various versions can be identified.

How to determine the SKU for a Money product (Article 226)

International Versions

There is no International 2006 version (Article 220)

105-00491 - Money 2005 Win32 English Intl Not to UK CD
105-00462 - Money 2004 Win32 English Intl Not to UK CD
105-00437 - Money 2003 Win32 English Intl CD
105-00382 - Money 2002 Win32 English Intl CD

Japanese Versions

KEA-00011 - Money Plus Edition (inc Book) Win/CD
KEA-00010 - Money Plus Edition Win/CD
860-00429 - Money 2007
860-00424 - Money 2006 Book Equiped Edition (available 7th October 2005)
860-00419 - Money 2006 (available 7th October 2005)
860-00351 - Money Deluxe 2005 Japan (available 22nd October 2004)
860-00231 - MONEY DELUXE 2004 CD-ROM (Japan)
Money 2003 - Money Deluxe 2003 CD-ROM (Japan)
Money 2002 a
Money 2002 b
Money 2001
Money 2001 (Family Package 2001)
Money 2000
Money 2000 Basic (Works Suite 2000)

Other Versions

Italian - Money 2000
German -


see Article 146

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