Changes in the July 2007 Online Update

The online update that was made in July 2007 (Article 493) affected a number of things on the server side of the Microsoft Money platform. It did not make any changes to the client.

Those going through the pain of having to set up their accounts again may wonder what benefits they are getting. They are listed below:
  • All of the account aggregation is now consolidated on a single third-party service using the latest platform from Yodlee
  • There are performance improvements on the server side, due to this software update
  • All account aggregation is now consolidated to the Yodlee platform - CashEdge is no longer used
As all of the account aggregation is now provided by Yodlee, users may see that some Financial Institutions are not supported any more. These are being actively identified and added to the Yodlee platform.

A difference between the old and new systems, is that the Yodlee platform separates the Credit Card and Banking accounts. This means that if you have both from the same financial institution, you will need to add the accounts separately in the account setup wizard.

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