Exporting Payee Information from your Money file

There is no direct way of exporting a list of payees from your Money file. This is obviously a problem if you need to do this, but there is a workaround using the reports part of the program.

An export of payees was achieved the following way:
  • Select the 'spending by payee' report
  • On the Chart Tab, change the view to a report
  • On the Rows and Columns Tab, remove the 'combine all values' entry
  • On the Date tab, select all dates
  • On the category tab, select all categories
  • On the payee tab, select all payees
  • On the details tab, select 'all types' in the Type field
  • View the report, and right click on it
  • Choose one of the export options
When you view the report in the latter stages of the instructions above, it can take a while to generate, as it is using the entire history of the file. It won't pick up any payees that you may have created that don't have any transactions though.

After completing this, you may want to reset or delete the report if you are not going to use it again.

Category: ImportExport

Keywords: Export, Payee, Excel, CSV