Looking up error messages for Money in Microsoft TechNet

The Microsoft TechNet Events and Errors Message Center is a tool available through the Technet website, which allows a user to look for detailed message detailed message explanations, recommended user actions, and links to additional support and resources.

This message center includes Microsoft Money (versions 2003-2006) and can be found at this web site.

It also allows a user to perform an advanced search, by entering one or more of the following parameters: Event Id, event source, message text, file name. These values can be found in the Event Viewer logs.

An example of its use is to look up for errors in 'obres.dll' in Money (a shortcut to the search can be found here). This would show the errors in this module, and the recommended action.

A typical action looks like that shown below. The suggested course of action is straight to the point. For some articles, there is a brief explanation for the problem also.

Symbolic Name:errComponentInit
Message:Unable to initialize a required Money component. Please reinstall Money from your original product disks.
User Action
Reinstall the product.

Category: Other

Keywords: TechNet, Error, obres.dll, Event Viewer