Microsoft Money Online Banking Experience Update - July 2007

In July 2007, the online banking for Money was updated to 'improve' the customer experience. The update affected most customers who use the My Accounts feature of MSN Money, and those with Money 2005, 2006 and 2007. A brief summary can be found at Article 497.

The user is informed about needing the update when in Microsoft Money, and will receive a message like that below. This message will be displayed until 'dismiss' is pressed. Afterwards it shouldn't bother you again.

Money's banking services have been updated to improve the online banking experience. You may need ot set up your accounts again to regain access to online services. It is important that you visit the following link for instructions to help you complete the update process

After the update, it may be necessary to set up some of the accounts again to regain access to any online services you are using. There have been no reports that this update affects non-US versions of Microsoft Money.

In order to successfully update the Money 2005-2007 versions, you will need to disable any existing online services and then set up the accounts again. After setup, merge the old and new accounts together.

To determine which accounts require update, the simplest method is to press Tools->Internet Updates->Update Now.. Those accounts which show a password field in the 'choose information to update' box do not require updating, but the rest do. If all your accounts have passwords against them, then you do not need do anything more.

Note down all the accounts that will be updated, and press the 'Update' button.

When the update has finished, view the online service account list (Banking->Manage Online Services). For each account that required updating, click on the bank or brokerage name (ignore the 'update services' item on the 'to do' list). Then click 'Stop using online services'. Press OK at the next window, assuming you have the correct bank. Do this for each account that required updating.

Now click Banking -> Manage Online Services again and click on 'set up online services' for an account your previously disabled. You should run through the wizard (note, some bank names may have changed slightly). Once updated, you may have the dialog box: "There may be a duplicate of the account you've just created in your account list. To merge or duplicate accounts, click OK, and then in the left pane, click Merge duplicate accounts.'

Click on the merge option and select the correct accounts to merge (typically they may have a sequence number on the end, such as #2). After a successful merge, press OK and move to the next account you previously disabled.

The update process is then complete.

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