Quote Prices are 100x too large

If you receiving prices 100x too large, then first read Article 49 and Article 170 to check the symbols and feed. If these are both correct and you're using Microsoft Money 2001 and earlier, then you may need a patch - this is located in the downloads section of this site.

On the Patches Page you can find some fixes for the early Money products.

The patches come as executables in a zip file, with the exception of the Money 2001 patch (in this case, you need to replace the mnyolinv.dll in the directory where the older one lives, with the new one).

Make sure you're not running Micrososft Money, Money Express or are synchronizing with a Pocket PC at the time whilst installing any of these patches.

If you are reinstalling an early version of Money, you might need these patches, but try an online update first to check (if any prices come down 100x too large, then you know you need the patch).

Category: Investment

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