Resetting the debt plan

Occasionally it is necessary to reset the debt plan information in your Microsoft Money file. This is sometimes used to fix problems, or you may just want to start again.

To reset the debt plan, follow the following steps:
  1. Open your Money file
  2. If you're using Money 2004 or below, click on Tools->Options and click the 'Planner' tab
  3. If you're using Money 2005 or above, click on Tools->Settings and click 'Planner options'
  4. There is a section named 'Debt Reduction Planner' - click on the button marked 'Reset Debt Plan'

    Resetting the debt reduction planner in Microsoft Money settings
  5. Click 'Yes' and then click 'OK' when you seee the message: "Are you sure you want to clear all the information and permanent;y delete your debt plan".
  6. Restart Money
When you next start Money, all accounts will no longer be in the debt plan.

Category: Planning

Keywords: Reset, Planner, Debt