OFXIE12007 Error with Money 2007

Some people have found that after installing Microsoft Money 2007 on Windows Vista, and using an existing or new file, when they try to run account updates it fails.

The error received is 'OFXIE12007' - specifically an "unable to connect" message. Additionally, the error will say that the server name is not recognized and ask to verify that your internet settings are correctly configured. (The 12007 part of the error error is internally defined as ERROR_INTERNET_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED).

You may also see the error "Money was unable to connect to the online quotes server. Check your internet connection and try the operation again".

Money is the only program which doesn't work, and your internet connection appears to be working correctly when you try it in Internet Explorer or other programs.

The first step should be to check that you have the most up to date service pack for Money 2007 (SP2), and have rebooted since you installed that service pack. If you have not rebooted, then you must do so, even though you might not have been prompted to do so.

Cal Learner, Microsoft MVP for Money, posted the following to the Microsoft Money newsgroup (Article 6) - it is not guaranteed to work for all instances, but on a number of occasions it has proven to fix the error after the initial reboot.
  • Start Internet Explorer
  • Navigate to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced
  • Check that the SSL 2.0 protocol is enabled.

    SSL 2.0 protocol option

  • If it still doesn't work, then additionally try the following steps
  • Also in Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Sites list
  • Uncheck "Require server verification".
  • In the trusted sites list add the following entries:

The final item (money://) adds a navigation protocol which Money uses internally as it is built on top of Internet Explorer

Thanks to Cal Learner, MVP for the SSL2 solution

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