What does expiration of miles or points in the frequent flyer account look like

There are various options in the frequent flyer area in Microsoft Money to handle your points or miles.

Details of setting up such an account can be found at Article 385, and adding or using points can be seen in Article 414. However, if your points or miles have expiration dates, or usage limits, this can also be setup - the basic information can be seen in the second article above.

If you have points which will expire, then the view of this can be seen below. Note that the expiration dates of individual transactions can be seen (they are marked with an asterisk after the date if they have already expired). Along with this information, a note at the base of the frequently flyer program tells you how many miles/points will be affected (4118 in the case of the example).

Showing expired miles or points in the Microsoft Money frequent flyer accounts

Note that the award level is also shown at the base of the screen. This is based on the information you have entered about the awards program.

Award level reached in a frequent flyer account

If you have particular transactions which will not expire, then you can mark these by right clicking on the transaction, choosing the expire option and selecting the option to never expire. The view of the transaction will change to be like the one below.

Frequent flyer transaction which never expire

Alternatively you could immediately expire a transaction, this can be done by right clicking, choosing the expire option and expiring the transaction. The view looks like this:

Frequent flyer transaction which has already expired

In addition to the views of the above, there is a report view which shows the status of all of your frequent flyer programs. The option is on the left hand side of the window (view frequent flyer report), and it brings up a report summarizing miles/points from flight, credit card, other sources and also the redeemed and expired points. In addition it gives you the current total.

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