Running Money with Administrative privileges (without logging in as the admin)

If you need to run Money with Administrative rights, but don't want to give the user who needs to run it the administrative password so that program updates can occur, the way to do it depends on the operating system you are using.

For Windows Vista, this is relatively straightforward by right clicking on the Microsoft Money entry on the Start Menu and selecting 'run as administrator'.

In Windows XP, do the following:
  1. Copy the Command Prompt shortcut (from Start / Programs / Accessories) to your desktop.
  2. Right-click the shortcut, select Properties and click the Advanced button.
  3. Select to Run with different credentials.
  4. Save the change.
  5. Run the Command Prompt shortcut, and provide your Administrator credentials.
  6. Do a CD (change directory) to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money 2007” or wherever you installed Money to.
  7. Run the following: “MnyCoreFiles\msmoney”
    **** CRITICAL **** DO NOT GO INTO THE HIDDEN MNYCOREFILES FOLDER. Make sure the command prompt path goes no further than Microsoft Money 2007. If you have any windows or applications running that access MnyCoreFiles, or subdirectories, the update will fail.
  8. Follow the prompts. If the prompt tells you that it could not close Money, leave the dialog up and manually close Money, then continue.
You may want to rename the command prompt shortcut as “Admin Command Prompt”, so you know why it’s there

Thanks to Bob Smiley for the instructions above

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