Constant requests to download Service Pack for Money 2007 in Vista

There is a known problem with Microsoft Money 2007, in that if you are running Windows Vista, you may be constantly prompted to install the update for Money 2007.

To fix this, you will need to restart your computer, and then perform the following actions (without Money running):
  1. Go to Control Panel (the option for this is off the Start Icon in the bottom left corner of the Vista window)
  2. Select 'folder options' and then click the 'view' tab at the top.
  3. Choose the advanced settings, 'hidden files and folders' option, and turn change it so you see hidden files and folders
  4. Next, uncheck the 'hide protected operating system files' option. You'll be prompted to confirm this
  5. Once these options are set, then right click on the start icon and select 'explore'.
  6. Under 'folders', double click 'C:\Program Files' (assuming you have used defaults for the windows installation).
  7. Double click 'Microsoft Money 2007' and then click on 'MNYCoreFiles' on the right hand pane of the window.
  8. Next click 'compatibility files' on the windows explorer bar
  9. Right click on 'MNYCoreFiles' and press the delete button, confirming it by pressing 'Yes'.
This will allow you to start Money again and the error will have gone away.

It is also recommended that you run back through the first four commands above, undoing the settings, so that hidden and protected files are made invisible again.

Note: This problem is fixed in Money 2007 Service Pack 2 (Article 458).

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