Money ID Remover tool (sanitize.exe)

The Money ID Remover (sanitize.exe) tool replaces the most common sources of personally idenfiable information within a Money data file. For example, the Money ID Remover renames your accounts, financial institutions, and payees, and clears any password information associated with the file. It also clears other personally indentifying information, such as account numbers and online banking credentials.

Given the complex nature of the data in Money files, the Money ID Remover will not replace every string within a Money data file. Because of this, it is possible that those data fields which the tool does not change could still contain peronally identifiable information, or sensitive financial data. For example, comment fields for an account are not removed by the Money ID Remover; if you have manually entered sensitive or personal information text into a comment field, that data would still exist in the resulting file. (Another example is that transaction amounts, including account balances, will not be altered by this tool.) Microsoft recommends that you review the new file created by the Money ID Remover and confirm that all personal information (as well as any financially sensitive information) is removed, before sharing that file out in any way.

Note: The Money ID Remover does not work on files created in Money 2000 or earlier versions of Money. Updates and other online features may no longer work properly with files produced by this tool.

For instructions on using the tool, see Article 431

Category: FileManagement

Keywords: Sanitize, security