What's new in Microsoft (MS) Money 2007

Microsoft Money 2007 adds a number of new or improved (in Microsoft's eyes) features, over previous versions. These are:
  • Savings and Spending Budget (Article 442)
  • Spending Tracker for budget groups
  • Smart Spending message boards
  • Enhanced tax estimator
  • Balance Adjustment Tool
  • Improved MSN Bill Pay
  • Essentials Investment Accounts
  • Expert Picks
In the Home and Business version, there is also the following:
  • Improved Invoice Designer
  • Invoice dropdown
  • 14 new invoice templates
  • Invoice design ideas
  • PayCycle® payroll integration
In addition to the features, the Premium sku offers a complimentary 'value' pack worth $312 and the Home and Business sku has one with financial services to the value of $1300.

The special offers are listed in Article 427

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