MSN Money Update 27th July 2006

On 27th July 2006, MSN Money made a change in the source of Fundamental data for the portfolio.

A message was posted on the MSN Money status page (Article 254), which was below (it is slightly edited).

As of July 27, Microsoft started to use Reuters as the main source of fundamental company data such as financial statements, names, addresses, and most ratios and statistics. Reuters replaced the data MSN Money received from Hemscott (Media General) for US and Canadian companies and Worldscope (Thompson International) for other regions.There may be instance were specific data may be slightly different than it was from the previous sources due to differences in the way the data is gathered or calculated.

A very few stocks will be lost from the database as part of this change. That includes a few small energy companies based in Canada and a small number of Japanese stocks. The Japanese companies should be added back in by the end of the year [2006]. And because of the way Reuters groups stocks, a few companies may switch from one industry group to another as part of the change.

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