Canadian Microsoft Money 2007

There is no longer a Canadian specific product. Canadians can actually use any version. You will get Canadian banks, but will not get other Canadian specific info (taxes, RRSP vs 401k, etc). If Canadian users use a US term such as IRA, they can parallel many of the functions. It is expected that this will be some problem for tax preparation in that the basis rules for Canada (average across all accounts) vary from US rules (basis within accounts with some more choices in some cases).

Canadian banks are included in the unified list, although the Money interface of the banks themselves is often limited to the Web interface.

Money 2007 does not have a "Canadian" mode as did some earlier versions of Microsoft Money. It is expected that Money 2007 will be able to convert the Money files from Canadian versions since Money 2000, but this requires verification. The current file format is a unified North American English version. It is unclear what the situation is for Canadian French files.

Money Plus Essentials is available for Canadian users. See Article 536. The latest version of Money Plus in the US may convert your Candian files also. If the trial version works, then see Article 535 for help on how to get the US software.

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