Some fixed items in Money 2007

Money 2007 fixes some known problems. It certainly doesn't fix all issues (for example, switching to the essential budget - Article 303) and almost certainly introduces a few new problems.

Some of the items I do know are fixed are listed below:
  • Archive will now removes payees from the file which are not associated with any transactions in the file (except for Online payees).
  • When removing a local password, you will always be asked to validate the password being removed first.
  • Column widths in reports are remembered after customization
  • There is the new option to clean up the bills and deposits area (Article 418)
The last one isn't strictly a fixed bug, but is a useful little tool to help clean up problematic Money files.

As I find more, I'll try and list them on this page.

Category: Product

Keywords: fixes, 2007, problem