Adding or using miles or points in frequent flyer transactions

In Article 385, the article shows how to set up a frequent flyer account in Microsoft Money. This article shows how to use the account to enter miles or points into it.

The first thing to do is to go to the account. It will be located in your accounts list, but only if you have the checkbox selected to show frequent flyer accounts. Alternatively, you can get to it by clicking on the account dropdown when in any other account.

There are five options to choose at the bottom of the transaction list

Frequent Flyer options in Microsoft Money

The most common transaction would be to enter either points or miles using a Flight activity. Press the 'New...' option at the base of the screen. You can enter an activity in the resulting window - put in the date, the number of miles and any description you would like to have.

Entering miles for a flight activity into a Microsoft Money Frequent Flyer account

You may receive bonus miles, or earn miles in other ways. This can be done using the 'other award' option after pressing 'New...'. For example, I can easily record miles earnt through other programs as seen below.

Entering other awards for a frequent flyer account

The third option of adding miles is through the first selection in the 'New Award Miles' window. Awards from credit cards are u sually entered when balancing a credit card, but can also be added here. You can select the credit card and then enter miles as for a flight transaction.

Award from credit card option when adding new award miles or points

If you are spending miles, then press the 'Redeem' option. This is a simple box which allows you to put in a date, the number of miles redeemed and an attached note. This simply puts a negative value in the account for you.

Redeeming miles in frequent flyer account

The Edit option allows you to edit any existing transactions, just in case you have made a mistake, or you want to change the information.

The 'Expire...' button allows you to set the date on which a transaction will expire, to choose it to never expire or to specify the transaction hasn't expired. You can see the resultant views of expired transactions in Article 452.

Entering expiration information for a frequent flyer transaction

Finally, the delete option allows you to remove transactions. You should use the expire feature in cases where you don't have access to the miles any more, or the delete option where the transaction really didn't exist and needs deleting.

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