Which is better, Intuit Quicken, Microsoft Money or some other package

I can't answer this, nor will I try to. The last time i used Intuit's Quicken program was in 1996, and didn't like it and I've not used it since. Microsoft Money has changed drammatically in that time, and I have no doubt that Intuit Quicken has too.

There are some other programs around apart from the two market leaders. These include programs such as MoneyDance, gnuCash and various checkbook style programs, but I haven't used any of these either. If you can get trial versions of them, try them in comparison to Microsoft Money and choose the one which suits your needs best.

You can download free trial versions of recent versions of Microsoft Money. These can be obtained via my trials downloads page or through the product viewer.

If you look at the Money newsgroups (Article 6), you'll see lots of problems with Microsoft Money. If you look at the Intuit Quicken newsgroup, you'll see lots of problems with Quicken. In the newsgroups people are more likely to post if they have problems - so don't necessarily use the volume and nature of postings as your only measure of how good or bad a program is. They are a good source of both unbiased and biased opinion though.

See also Article 490 - why use a PFM.

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