Exporting and importing a loan account

In Article 28, the mechanism for exporting accounts is described. You can export many types of accounts, but not Loan accounts through this mechanism.

If you need to export the loan details, either because you want the data in Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet program), or because you'll be later reimporting the data into another Money file, then you need to recreate the data in your new file.

Save the data in a report and then re-enter it. To do this, click on Analyze Loan->View loan amortization (on the left hand side of the loan account register). On the amortization schedule, click 'customize' and select the options to include transactions from the account register and not the amortization schedule. You'll also need to make sure you enough fields included that will allow you to recreate this loan, i.e. the payment, principal and interest amounts.

Customizable options for the loan amortization report

Once you have customized the report, right click on it and select the export or export to Excel option to save it.

Reimporting the data directly from this file cannot be done, but a method (and this more applies to 'simple' loans, rather than ones that have ever changing terms, interest rates, fees and charges) to save you some time, is to backdate the loan start (see Article 108 for mechanism). This will create a number of entries in bills/deposits which can be accepted, and then modified to match your data. It gets most of the transactions in, but you still need to do some typing (albeit much less).

The only other mechanism would be to retype by hand.

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