Microsoft Money Easter Eggs

There are a couple of 'Easter Eggs' in the Microsoft Money program. Easter Eggs are tiny programs which usually list the team members who wrote, tested or were involved in the production of the software. These are in earlier versions, as it is, as far I believe, not allowed for Microsoft employees to put these in products now.

Microsoft Money 2000

  • Open Money 2000
  • Create a new Checking account named "Microsoft" (no quotes).
  • Go to the "Change Account Details" section of the account
  • Type "Money Rocks!" without quotes in the Comment field.
  • Press Done.
  • Press the Accounts icon to return to the main accounts list page.
  • Press on "Balance an account", and select the "Microsoft" account.
  • Turn up the volume.
Easter Egg output in Microsoft Money 2000

Microsoft Money 2001

  • Start Money 2001
  • Go to the home page (if not already there)
  • In the box named "go to the internet", type "Money Rocks!" (this is case sensitive, so make sure you type it in exactly)
  • You'll be able to play Reversi!
  • All of the squares have the Development & Test Team names
I've not had the opportunity to try the Money 2001 one out recently (otherwise I would provide a screenshot).

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