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I have been using Microsoft Money since Money 95 came out around. In 1997, I discovered the Microsoft Money newsgroup (Article 6) and initially was asking a few questions, before turning this around and answering them for other users.

During 1998, I was invited onto the Microsoft MVP [Most Valuable Professional] program (see Article 7), and I was on this program until 2010. The MVP program has taken me to meet the Money team on a number of occasions at Microsoft US in Redmond, WA, USA. In addition, the local UK Money team in Reading, England and to two TechEd events, Amsterdam in 1999 and Barcelona in 2003.

The version of Microsoft Money I have historically used has been the UK version. Given that I live in the UK, my expertise with the program doesn't lie in areas such as MSN Bill Pay or 401(k) accounts, but more with UK-orientated items such as ISAs and Premium Bonds. In mid 2006, I moved across to Microsoft Money 2006 (US Version), primary for the enhanced backup, and to stay more up to date to help US users as well as UK ones. In August 2007, I decided to move to Money Plus, to take advantage of the Insights feature, and the Spending and Savings budget (from 2007). This was prompted by the release of Ultrasoft Money for the Pocket PC (Article 478).

I post to the newsgroups (Article 6) - mainly the UK one [microsoft.public.uk.money]. In posting, I try to be objective and stick to the question in point, so although you may ask for a recommendation, I am unlikely to say 'buy Money' or 'buy Quicken'. However, I might direct you to the trial versions (available through here -if available!). See also Article 36, Article 41 and Article 535.

I am always looking to expand this site, so if you want anything added, please let me know (I may or may not take it for the site - however, Microsoft Money articles are the main thrust, so if you are submitting something on those lines, I am more likely to put it on - credit will be given where credit is due). You can contact me by using the link at the base of each page - I do not respond to every message, but will read them. Requests for support will not usually get answered, sorry! (if I'm not too busy, in a good mood and feel like it, then I sometimes do).

I'm also trying to document a little more the changes that I make on the site, and writing them to a blog.

Microsoft MVPs and me

  • MVP Information (Article 7) - some information about MVPs
  • Press Articles:
    25 September 2005 Observer Press
    A press cutting from the 'Independent on Sunday' (UK Newspaper), July 2004 - The image is of me. (665kB)I was interviewed for the 'Observer' (a UK newspaper) in September 2005 (495kB)

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I do not work for Microsoft, nor is this my full time activity.. I have recently completed a charity cycle ride across Death Valley in California, and am attempting a 50 mile charity hike through the Grand Canyon in 2015 in 100F/38C heat - see http://virginmoneygiving.com/GlynSimpson - any donations are most welcome, especially if you've found any part of this site useful. Thank you for the numerous people who already have.

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