MSN Money Plus termination

Microsoft announced in May 2006 that the MSN Money Plus service was being replaced.

Initially, the service will be discontinued on June 28th 2006. However, they say in the additional notes that MSN Money Plus will be replaced by the MSN Money service, starting early in July. After the transition, much of the account information you currently have stored by MSN Money Plus will be available through the MSN Money service.

Certain account detail will be deleted. You should export these details from the service. The affected details are:
  • Spending by category
  • Spending by payee chart
  • Favorite category thermometers
  • Setup and tracking of monthly income and expenses
  • Budget vs. spending reports
  • Personal tax information
Banking and credit card account details, and investment accounts and portfolio will still be available.

After the transition to MSN Money, in addition to the above six items, there will no longer the W-4 tax withholding estimator and the ability to access data offline.

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