Credit Limit for credit cards in Money Standard

In Microsoft Money 2005 Standard and Microsoft Money 2006 Standard, it is not possible to change the credit limit of a credit card account.

Unfortunately, Microsoft designed the product like this, but there is a workaround to allow you to change it. That workaround is to change the type of account the credit card account is, make a change and then change it back.

To change the credit limit, click the account and click the 'change account settings' option (or go to tools->settings, account settings and then select the account in the dropdown list labelled 'change settings for' and click 'go').

On the account settings page, change the account type from 'Credit Card' to 'Bank'. Then scroll down the page and put in the credit limit in the 'credit line' box. This number needs to be entered as a negative number - i.e. a credit limit of $5,000 needs to be entered as -5,000.

Scroll back up the page and change the account type back to 'Credit Card' from 'Bank' and then click 'Done' at the base of the page.

Category: Accounts

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