Quicken conversion details - what converts and what does not

When converting a Quicken file into Microsoft Money, many things will convert, but some will not. Below is a list of some of the more common items:
  • Passwords - these import for the file, but not if you have any on particular transactions
  • Categories - Money supports categories and subcategories. This means that if you are using further levels of subcategories in Quicken, these will not convert as a sub-subcategory. However, Money will rename Bills:Utility:Electric as Bill:Utility-Electric, so the multiple levels are partially retained.
  • Transaction Groups - Money doesn't import any transactions which are scheduled in Quicen transaction groups. You can add them to the bills and deposits after conversion though, by right clicking on the transaction and choosing the option to add to bills and deposits (don't do this on a reconciled transaction, see Article 246 for the side effect).
  • Super Categories - not imported
  • Memorised charts and reports - not imported. You can recreate them after conversion and save them as favourites.
  • VAT Accounts - these are not required in Money, so are not imported
  • Business accounts - In Money UK, business accounts cannot be converted. I am not clear whether they can be into US Business versions
  • Budgets - only the most recently used budget is imported into Microsoft Money
  • Linked current accounts to investment accounts - Linked accounts will be converted to Investment 'associated cash' accounts. Money will create one if one is not linked
  • Investment lots - Specific lots are converted. If there is a lot of inconsistency or lots are not specified, then Money uses a FIFO mechanism. Lots are only converted for bonds, managed funds and shares.
  • Debt Reduction Plan - not converted
There are probably other areas which have some specific conversion details, which are not listed above.

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